Hotel Design

DateMarch 2014
LocationsAlexander the Great Paphos, Olympic Lagoon Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Value£1,200,000 -£6,000,000
CategoryHotel Design

Designing spaces to escape to.
Hotel rooms cater to a multitude of needs, every inch of the room has been carefully thought out to fit everything one would need to feel comfort and luxury. I created a window from the sleeping space to the bathroom to let the natural light into the bathroom, with the option to close the window with a blind for privacy of course. created a spacious feel, not only was it great to be able to see the sea views from the bathroom but the hotels lighting electricity usage was reduced because there was less need to turn on the light in the day.
Within these hotels we would create a number of restaurants and bars, with varying themes. Hotel lobby, spa, kids clubs for little ones keep occupied, computer clubs and juice bars for teenagers. It was important to me to infuse the hotel with flavours and style of the local country so people can experience a little of Cypriot traditions without having to leave the hotel. The main outdoor pool at Alexander the Great in Paphos for example was a beautiful modern infinity pool with sea views but add some traditional terracotta vases gave it a little Cypriot twist in a tasteful way.

There are requirements we had to achieve to maintain our stars and fabrics and material were researched for high traffic and longevity. Warranties on products considered incase of damage, and most importantly easy access to maintain all working parts.